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Travel Care Plan

Rules Of The Road

For Vehicles Drivers and Passengers


My Mobile Assistant (MMA) Drivers
  • Receive training on Travel with Care protocols developed for Covid-19
  • Practice social distancing; please help us maintain a safe no-contact policy
  • Wear facial shield and gloves at all times and change them after every assignment
  • Follow CDC recommendations to avoid circulate air setting. Use vent or lower windows for fresh air
  • Conduct passenger health check, and take their temperatures before seating them in vehicle
  • Advice from the CDC that drivers do not handle luggage/packages is prohibitive for many MMA customers. New practices allow drivers to exercise discretion and remain safe (arrange in advance)
  • Have their temperatures taken, and symptoms checked prior to each shift
  • Employees who report symptoms of Covid-19 or feel ill are referred to a doctor and sent home

My Mobile Assistant (MMA) Vehicles
  • All surfaces are cleaned after each ride, using UV-C Sanitizing Wands and EPA approved products
  • Are equipped with clear, polycarbonate partitions to further prevent spread from droplets
  • Have been professionally cleaned, and treated with hospital-grade anti-microbial cleaners
  • Are stocked with masks, gloves, tissues, and hand sanitizer for passenger use
  • Are removed of food, drink, and reading materials in the back seats for safety. Drivers keep a limited supply of bottled water (cleaned with disinfectant wipes and handled with gloves)

My Mobile Assistant (MMA) Passengers
  • Are advised to apply hand sanitizer when entering and leaving vehicles
  • Remove items, or place waste in a designated receptacle when exiting vehicles
  • Will be seated in the rear of vehicles to maintain social distancing
  • May include more than one rider, if traveling together (please arrange in advance)
  • Must wear a mask throughout the duration of the ride, and are encouraged to wear gloves (provided)
  • Have temperature(s) taken and receive “health check-in” for symptoms before entering a vehicle

Transparent, trustworthy travel:
  • MMA will notify customers immediately if an employee or passenger tests positive for Corona Virus
  • Please contact us if you test positive for Covid-19 or have had contact with an infected person
  • Customer Car Plan was created so drivers have essential details/contacts at their fingertips

Stay up to date about re-opening with links to Covid-19 facts and resources at our website or our Facebook page.

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