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A Message from Jeff

A Message from Jeff Trees

Several years ago, my best friend was dealt one of those unexpected curveballs in life. His declining health had limited his independence but not his outlook on life. As always, he didn’t want to miss out on visiting with family or friends, a graduation, a family or college reunion, a field hockey game, or simply running errands.

I visited regularly to help with many of the ordinary things he was accustomed to doing on his own. This included trips to the barber, church, grocery store, post office, dry cleaner, eye doctor, touring the old neighborhood, dinner out with his wife, visiting friends in the hospital, and just people-watching on the waterfront.

Through this experience, I discovered firsthand that there are few options and several limitations for individuals within our community who either choose not to drive or are no longer capable of driving. Today, My Mobile Assistant exists as a preferred provider of personal transportation services for individuals, families, friends and business associates seeking the freedom, flexibility and independence to do what they want, go where they want, when they want and with someone they know, trust and can depend on.

I welcome the opportunity to chat with you to explore how my company can be of service to you. We take pride in our personal approach so please feel free to contact me directly at (301) 332-1900 or email me at jtrees@mymobileassistant.org.

Jeffrey Trees

“Not just your driver. Your Mobile Assistant.”

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